Whether you are beginner or an expert seamstress, finding your fantasy sewing machine takes exploration. Among the brand pioneers, SINGER stands out with its consistent performance and speed. For a generation out there, sewing has become synonymous with SINGER. Should one go for one-step button hole or 6-Step? Which is best- lightweight machine or heavy one? Let’s find out the best SINGER machines for 2017 that cater to different needs of consumers.

Built- In
Button Hole
1. SINGER 1234 6. Straight,
Blind Hem,
Winding system
2. SINGER 4423 231-Step
YesDrop In4.3
3.SINGER 7258 1001-Step (6),
1 Additional
Button hole

4. SINGER 13046
Bobbin Winding
5. SINGER 3323S23
1-StepYesTop Drop-In4.0
6.SINGER 61991001-Step (for 6),
1 Endless
7.SINGER 160 241-StepYesTop Drop-On
and Sew System
8.SINGER 14CG754 4 Built-In
Rolled Hems
NA2-3-4 ThreadNA4.2
9.SINGER 5400601-StepYesWinding

1. SINGER 1234

It was my childhood dream to sew like my grandma one day. In any case, every time I used to take a look at the leading sewing brands online, their complicated mechanisms terrified me. This changed finally when I laid my eyes on SINGER 1234.


I was pretty intimidated about the installation process but whoa! The step-by-step guide made it workable for me to set the machine up in less than 45 minutes. The instruction comes stuck with the machine. So every time you sit and start working, you’ll know what you are doing.

Durability & Specialty

The heavyweight metal frame guarantees the durability of this product. On the other hand, the pre-determined length and width makes stitch selection a cake-walk. Guess how many in-built stitches are there? As many as 6! The dual spin tools will come handy every time you’ll apply that extra decorative touch.


This machine comes with loads of accessories. The 4-step button hole definitely leads the pack. The extra needles and bobbins ensure- you will not come up short on them- in the middle of the project. The in-built LED light makes sewing easier – when the outside light is dim.

Customer Review

Customer reviews about SINGER 1234 machine are positive over-all. While majority of them applauded its easy maneuvering process, others declared it as the best sewing machine for the kids/beginners. However, few of them think that the power chord could have been longer.

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2. SINGER 4423

4423 model is a model built for work-horse. On the off chance you stitch denim, rug, thick fabric on a daily basis, then only buy this tool.


The product is accompanied with a clear step-by-step manual. For a heavyweight machine such as this, it is extremely easy to install. The fully automated needle-threader breezes through with a speed of 1k stitches/minute.


The 23 in-built stitches pushes me to wrap up my work faster- from decorating old bedroom curtains to making recycled rug bags. The stainless steel bedplate is perfect for fabric feeding- without accumulating rust over-time. The drop-in bobbin makes it super easy to embed, expel and monitor threading.


This compact machine comes with tones of accessories segregated in an accessory tray. The emerging feature has to be the 4-presser feet. In case knitting is your long-cherished dream, then the quilter guide is ideal for you.

Bonus Features

The Sewing Assistant App is a to-die-for application for anyone, who has started working with SINGER 4423. It’s easy to download, install and use on your phone.

The automated reverse mechanics fortifies the whole stitching process. It makes each threadwork more articulated.

Customer Reviews

SINGER 4423 has generated mostly positive customer reviews up until now. Nevertheless, some of them have communicated a mild grouse regarding the lengthy installation manual.

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3. SINGER 7258 

Next Christmas, I am determined to present my relatives with hand stitched quilts. The credit will go to SINGER 7258 hands- down. 100 in-built stitches make it easier to sew everything – from quilting to creating handicrafts for school project. No doubt, it has won Best Buy designation by buyers’ choice.


I am quite particular with installation of any machine. But the detailed guideline of SINGER 7258 helped me to set it up quite faster. The digitalized interface and DVDs of tutorials are bonus add-ons.


The metallic internal frame makes my machine standstill- while I am doing the work. What’s more, the built-in LED light has become my favorite part.

I have to admit, I have been a messy seamstress so far. Be that as it may, the programmable needle up/down gives me control to maneuver the needlework during sewing appliqué.

Bonus Features

The machine is pretty noiseless; it occupies a small space and to a great degree- travel-friendly. Want more? Well, the optimal 6mm stitch width makes my stitches more pronounced- when I am sewing satin curtains.

Customer Reviews

The 4.5 rating gives away the high opinion the customers have for it. The only complaint that arises time and again is that- when the needle is down, the texture might get torn up due to tight upper thread. However, it can be avoided with backstitching.

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4. SINGER 1304

For years I have been pining to learn sewing but never aced the courage till I discovered SINGER 1304. As the name proposes, SINGER 1304 Start is the best springboard for first-timers.


The smooth stitch selection permits you to move from one-stitch to another (among 6 in-built stitches) – via only one stride. The machine-interior is made of substantial metal. Rest assured that it will give you consistent and sans skip service – for years to come.

The foot-lifter creates additional raised pressure. In case you are sewing multiple layered fabrics, say a kid’s frock, the foot-lifter will give you extra kick. The twin needle sewing makes hemming simple.


Anyone can be floored to see the accessories tucked away into the tray inside the machine box. They are numerous in numbers so I will just name the selected few. The lint brush, the pack of bobbins and needles are the prominent ones. The spool pin felt and the three presser feet are cherries-on-top.

Bonus Features

As it happens with all the computerized SINGER machines, the built-in LED light is a life-saver in dimly lit space. Additionally, the 750 stitches/minute speed comes as a breather to finish off a project quickly.

Customer Reviews

The portable, lightweight machine has disarmed the consumers with its pocket-friendly price and simple user-interface. However, for advanced sewing, this machine might not provide you with the optimal desired output. So this is the pet peeve for handful of customers.

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5. SINGER 3323S

All I needed was a basic machine to- mend household garments, sew baby clothes and do some nip-and-tuck job here and there. So glad I came across raving reviews of SINGR 3323S online and bought it on impulse.

Setting-UP & Functionality

The setting-up part is trouble-free. The automated needle threader makes it super convenient to thread -without putting extra strain on eyes. The drop-in bobbin system makes following the strings effortless.


The solid metal frame, which has constructed the internal skeleton, will make it convenient for you to thread sans the skips. It also assures machine’s durability.

The customized stitch length and width provides you with the freedom to personalize your fabrics. The ‘free arm’ space renders your movement free to reach out to- cuff, collar, hems and other difficult-to-stitch areas.


Apart from the standard accessories (like- presser feet, screwdriver, packs of bobbins/needles, power cord, lint brush to name as few), SINGER 3323S offers a set of fashion accessories too. This gave me child-like happiness when I unpacked and found- a neat side cutter, a darning-cum- embroidery foot, a walking foot and gathering foot inside of the box.

Customer reviews

Customer feedback for SINGER 3323S has been overwhelmingly positive. With its lightweight mechanism, ease-to-use and budget friendly price, this is one knock-out deal. The only bone of contention has been- the lack of mechanical knob to change stitches. Again it has been clearly mentioned in the manual but overlooked by many complainers.

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6. SINGER 6199

With daily chores and deadline, sewing was always taking a backseat for me. One day, I put my foot down and replaced my old model with SINGER 6199 Brilliance. Voila, since then sewing has never been easier ever.

Easy Usability

What drew me towards SINGER 6199 after going through countless reviews was- its easy user interface. Once I laid my hands on this beauty, I was stumped over the automatic needle threader first. The 6 1-Step buttonhole brings on symmetry in buttonhole sewing for both sides.


The 100 built-in stitches will be adjustable to your every stitching need. Whether you are mending old denim jacket or sewing appliqué on a bed linen, move from basic stitch to decorative stitch with ease. The push-button furnishes the user with the flexibility to select favorite stitch with a fingertip. The 13 needle positions give the mobility to change sewing position – from embedding zipper to topstitching.


The accessories come in with tones of diversity. You will discover everything in the accessory tray- from purpose foot, thread spool cap, spool pin felt, hard-sided dust cover to pack of needles to name a few.

Customer Review

The 4.0 out of 5 rating demonstrates that the customers simply love this product. With the lightweight mechanism and easy-on-the pocket pricing, SINGER 6199 Brilliance has become an instant hit post-launch. Only annoyance? Few customers expressed an apprehension in exerting extra push while sewing button-holes on a heavier fabric.

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7. SINGER 160

Everything that spells out “limited edition”, I feel a natural inclination towards it. SINGER 160 was no exception. At the same time, I was looking for a sewing tool that will give me something more than basic usefulness. And this classic beauty fitted the bill.

Design & Usability

Don’t get fooled by the old-world exterior. The single-touch stitch selection gives you the power of customizing everything you sew. The quick view LED setting will indicate- when a width or length turns out to be longer-than-necessary. The Drop-feed system supports monogram or free-motion quilting.


The extra-large arm gives the space to work on your complicated quilting projects without restricting hand movement. The parallel rows of needles; “drop and sew” bobbin and 24 in-built stitches are there to conform to specific sewing needs.


With SINGER 160, comes an assortment of extras. It includes the whole lot- from all-purpose foot to seam-ripper and everything in-between. But what took the cake for me was the sleek, plastic dust cover with its smooth surface.

Customer Review

The nostalgic charm and cutting-edge technology in SINGER 160 are hailed by the enthusiasts. The only slight irritation stems from the fact that- the manual has complicated diagrams that are difficult to decipher.

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8. SINGER 14CG754

Sergers always terrified me. What if they are out of my budget? Or hard to handle? With SINGER 14CG754, I have found both- great price and professional expertise in one body.

Time-Saving features

The 2-3-4 thread capability gives an array of options in stitch selection. The color-coded threading system is a huge time-saver as well. The 4 in-built rolled hems lend out professional finish every time- whether you are quilting or mending. The 1,300 stitches/minute speed will waft you through the sewing job.

Additional Specialties

The stitch adjustment dial gives you flexibility to adjust length, width or tension of a fabric while stitching. In case you travel frequently, the easy portability of 14CG754 will convert it to a great companion. The free-arm sewing space makes it helpful to mend the “difficult” positions such as- cuff, armholes etc.

Customer Review

With SINGER 14CG74, large number of consumers found the perfect complement of their sewing machine. The overall positive reviews are the evidences of that. The slight gripe this machine generates is- the thread with the product comes in tangled shape and takes time to undo.

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9. SINGER 5400

I was looking for a budget instrument while SINGER 5400 features caught my attention. Since the time I placed the order till I completed my first outfit project- this one swept me off my feet with its execution.

Durability & Versatility

Even for a messy seamstress, the heavy metallic internal frame of SINGER 5400 ensures zero miss of single stitch. The array of 60 built-in stitches shall spoil you every time with choices. Whether you are fancying making a stylish summer dress or a quilt for your dog, enjoy the display of stitch selections.


The computerized SINGER 5400 flaunts an avant garde technology. For personalized sewing projects, you may rely on automated setting to adjust stitch length and width. The preset needle threader is least taxing on-eyes and cuts back on time wastage.

Other notable features

The 25- year warranty promises a long-term consistency, supported by the efficient customer care of SINGER. The push-button operates with a single-touch while the power packed accessories outperforms user’s expectations.

Customer Review

The customers, who were looking for a budget machine, found SINGER 5400 a knock-out deal. Most of them hailed the apt buttonholes and the smooth way the needle threader works. The DVD also proved to be one of the USPs of this particular machine. Some customers though griped about the missing of the top loading bobbin in this system.

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Swing machine can be a great addition to your household. It reduces your dependency to outsource stitching products, saves money and gives you creative freedom. Based on your budget, purpose of use, space availability- you must take the decision of buying a machine. Gather more data about different sewing brands ask your expert acquaintances and then make an informed choice.