Inventions have always made our lives easier than ever. With every passing day, we witness a new change that gives us the opportunity to make things better without utilizing much of our energy. Sewing machines are one such equipment that has made knitting clothes easier. In the world of designer clothes, these machines are a blessing as it makes the work convenient and comfortable.

Unlike the ordinary sewing machine built for a domestic purpose, heavy duty sewing machines are particularly chosen for bigger projects which need heavy fabric layers. Materials like leather, upholstery or denim are undoubtedly heavy therefore need standard quality equipment to sew impeccably. These are highly preferable in the tailoring industry where getting a flawless design in the prime factor. These heavy sewing machines come with guaranteed durability, versatility, usability, and portability. Since they are mostly taken for high end duties, nothing like a quality sewing machine could be a great help.

When you focus on heavy duty sewing machines, the primary thing it is going to proffer you is a perfect sewing environment, which means lesser chances of skipped stitches. When quality is the only priority, you can remain assured about the durability as instead of using plastics, these are made with brass and stainless steel.

These machines have the tremendous capability of sewing multiple layers heavy materials without messing the designs or skipping the stitches. Well, choices are undeniably uncountable and listed are some of the top sewing machines of 2017 as chosen by the users.

Singer 442323Fully
1-Step Buttonhole
Brother PQ1500S18One-Step
Brother PQ1500S1Automatic
One-Step Buttonhole
YesEasy Bobbin
Juki TL-2000Qi7 Styles Of
Singer CG59018Four-Step
YesTop Drop-in
Singer 5532321 Fully Automatic
1-Step Buttonhole
Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist 82082013 Fully Automatic
1-Step Buttonholes
YesTop Drop-In
Bobbin system

Singer 4423

Well, if you need to sew light to heavy almost every kind of materials, SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine can be your helping hand. No matter whatever you think is a challenge for other machines, this workhorse can do it all for you. Easy to use and versatility with ultimate speed gives life to your creativity.

Clear View Cover:

When it comes to sewing, then definitely it will hurt your eyes as you require working with some of the minute things. Keeping all the possible aspects in mind, the manufacturers of SINGER 4423 have tried keeping it convenient. It has easy drop-in bobbin system for convenient removal and inserting. Furthermore, its clear view cover design makes monitoring easy for the user.

Bed Plate:

Uniquely designed bed plate guarantees smooth fabric feeding. With a heavy metal frame as the skeleton of this machine ensure skip-free sewing. Its heavy skeleton gives certainly guarantees long lasting usage for years.

Fully Automated Needle Threader:

After a tiring session of threading, the automatic needle threader works like a blessing as you get what you want without frustration or putting strain on your eyes.

Stronger Motor:

With an immensely strong motor, this sewing machine allows the user to sew up to 1100 stitches, which means almost 60% stronger motor. Hence, you can complete your duty within lesser time.


Warranty showcases the quality and it comes with 25 years of warranty for the sewing head, 2 years warranty for wiring, light assembly, motors, electronic components, speed control and stitches. 90 day warranty for bulbs, adjustments, attachments, rings and belts.

Customer Review:

With 4.3 ratings from the users, this machine has proved to meet the standards. Its durability and capability to take the abusive environment by sewing heavy materials make it worth praising.

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Janome HD3000

Does your machine makes you frustrated or do you think your sewing machine is not strong enough to take up your work? Well, if this is the case then Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine is the answer for you as it contains a sturdy motor and has commendable durability. Its solid construction and versatility give you the freedom to sew everything starting from paper to upholstery fabric.

Built-in Needle Threader:

This is one of the top features of this heavy sewing machine. Its amazing features help to thread the needle instantly without putting any strain on the eyes.

Adjustable Foot Pressure:

In order to make the entire procedure easier, the adjustable foot pressure is one of the most amazing features. Materials that have the tendency to get damaged easily, the adjustable foot pressure is a huge help.

Heavy Duty Frame:

To make it easier for users and ensure durability, this sewing machine comes with a heavy frame. Investing on this would never let you down.

Automatic Declutch Bobbin Winder:

Rather than constantly struggling with hand, users can easily work on this machine with its auto-declutch bobbin winder feature. Hence, one simple needs to move the winder towards right side. Along with the polished look is an advantage for everyone.


Due to its outstanding quality, it comes with 1year of warranty from the date of purchase for all accessory items. 5years of warranty for the printed circuit boards and other electronic components and 25years on the sewing head.

Customer Review:

With 4.4 ratings, Janome HD3000 ensures that it has all the qualities required to take up the heavy duties. As per many customers, unlike other sewing machines that failed to stitch multiple layers, this machine completely nailed it others appreciated it a manageable weight of 31 pounds. The ratings reveal its quality.

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Brother PQ1500S

Are you looking for a sewing machine that can tackle various things at the same time? Brother PQ1500S High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine is definitely the answer for you as t has the outstanding capability to handle various types of projects. With its extraordinary features, this sewing machine can help your job get done seamlessly.

Knee Lift:

One of the greatest and appreciable features of this sewing machine is the Knee Lift. There is no doubt that while working, you might be requiring more than two hands. Brother PQ1500S Sewing Machine comes with easy to use knee lift attributes. It is like having an additional pair of hands to get the job done conveniently.

Auto Thread Cutter:

This sewing and quilting machine comes with auto thread cutter and needle threader. Changing thread is a problem for millions of users; well this sewing machine takes up the entire business and makes threading convenient and faster.

Heavy Duty Construction:

This sturdy construction of this machine ensures heavy duty jobs. Even at high speed, it ensures stability in sewing, crafting and quilting. Its fabric extension table makes working on large projects struggle free.

High Speed Sewing:

This heavy duty sewing machine can take up to 1500 stitches, therefore, making the job done faster.


Due to its commendable quality, this product comes with 1year of warranty from the date of purchase for accessory items. 5years warranty for printed circuit boards and electronic components and 25years on chassis casting.

Customer Review:

86% of the customers rated with 5 stars which itself reveals the quality and functionality of the product. Users are appreciating almost all the features and are worth every penny. With a rating of 4.8 from 5stars, this machine has definitely surpassed the set standards.

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Juki TL-2000Qi

If you are searching for top class quilting machine, no more you need to make further research as Juki TL- 2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine can take up the job successfully for you. It is designed in a way that it becomes portable while offer plenty of space to work with an ease.

Automatic Thread Trimming:

This machine comes with advanced thread trimming system which differentiates it from the test. With the highly useful foot controlled system, now you can easily trim both the bottom and top threads with an ease.

Just press the pedal back with the heel for a precise trimming. This is definitely a preferable choice for people with heavy jobs. Furthermore, the automated trimming button helps to trim the bobbin and top threads.

Thread Tension Adjustments:

This model excels the standards when it comes to thread tension adjustment, which is highly required for users. Just turn the dial and you can adjust te thread tension you are using.

LED Lights:

There is no doubt about the fact that working with sewing machine requires precision. For precision, light is what you need. Even when you light up the room with some bright lights, you still get shadows while working with machines. This model is being equipped with bright LED lights to make sewing convenient for users.


This standard model comes with a warranty of 5years for mechanical issues, 90 days for workmanship and materialistic defects and 2 years for electrical defects.

Customer Reviews:

With high ratings of 4.4, this sewing machine has proven to be the best when it comes to the reasonable price. Customers are happy and compared to other machines, they are loving the functionality. Its portable feature is appreciated by one and all. Buying this heavy duty sewing machine can definitely be a good choice.

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Singer CG590

Looking for a workhorse for your sewing job? Singer CG590 Commercial Grade Sewing Machine can be the ultimate answer for you. With the heavy interior, high speed sewing, stainless steel bedplate and a good motor, this machine can sew almost everything that you throw at it.

Sewing Speed:

For heavy work and giving the job within the deadline, you definitely require a good machine with commendable sewing speed. This model has a speed of 1100 stitched which is comparatively faster than normal sewing machines.

Drop Feed:

These machines do not have covers or plates. Its drop feed lever becomes highly for all the free motion embroidery or button attachment.

Auto Needle Threader With Handy Free Arm:

Auto needle threader makes it effortless along with its handy free arm endows with a professional result. This means one can conveniently get access to the difficult areas.

Electronic Foot Control:

The electronic foot control is an additional feature that ensures consistent speed without any jump start. This comes with a regulating dial that enables you to slower the speed irrespective of pressure applied.


One of the simplest ways to comprehend the quality is through the warranty offered by them. This extraordinary sewing machine comes with an extended warranty of long 25 years.

Customer Reviews:

With almost mixed reviews from the users, this machine managed to get 3.7 ratings. Some people faced problems with durability and others with mechanism, most of the customers loved the product due to its efficiency.

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Singer 5532

You search for a solid sewing machine ends once you get hold of SINGER 5532 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine. Starting from a simple repair work to sewing heavy materials like leather and jeans, this machine can do it for you. Its versatile and easy to use mechanism makes it the prime choice for people.

Auto Needle Threader:

One of the biggest frustrations of people working on a sewing machine is the threading. The automatic needle threader removes eye strain and frustration thereby making it easier.

Clear View Cover:

With easy to remove and insert a drop-in bobbin and a clear view, it becomes easy to monitor the thread supply for the users.

Adjustable Pressure Control:

No more you need to use hand and beg to give your 2 more hands as now you can control it b y your foot. The adjustable foot pressure control eases sewing heavy weight as well as lightweight fabric thereby making the work easier.


You can remain assured that you have made investment in the proper place. It comes with 25 years of warranty.

Customer Reviews:

Even when it has been rated with 4.4 stars, it is a r star rating product. With its user friendly and highly efficient features, this sewing machine can take up any challenge thrown at it.

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Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist 820

If you are looking for a fantastic sewing machine with it guaranteed efficiency, then Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist 820 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine is the final choice for you. This heavy duty machine ensures success as it has the ability to take up the challenges given to it.

Easy Threading Mechanism:

This is one of the biggest advantages of buying this sewing machine model. This can be the real timesaver for people who are greatly into sewing. Its drop-in bobbin system enables flexible in and out threading and monitoring.

Presser For Sensor:

Use of sensor ensures that pressure foot is placed properly in order to get an easy start. In case presser foot is raised, sewing will never begin thereby reducing the chances of getting thread bunching.

LCD Touch:

With the advance technology, sewing machines have also gotten modified by providing LCD touch. It offers easy and clear viewing for the users.


It comes with a 25 years warranty for the sewing machine heads along with its parts. 5 years warranty for all the electronic and speed control equipment and 1 year warranty for adjustments and attachments.
Customer Reviews: With 4.3 ratings out of 5, this sewing machine has become the top choice for the users. Its convenience and high functionality bring your creativity into life.

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What To Look For In A Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

  • Build Quality: While finding a sewing machine, you need to search for machines that are sturdy. Most of the above models are built with strong materials in order to take the heavy duties without failing
  • Durability: When you are investing on a material you definitely need to first check its durability in order to comprehend whether it is worth investing. One of the simplest ways of determining is to check the warranty of the materials. When you find that the product offers long warranty, you can remain assured that it is durable.
  • Sewing Speed: In order to get the job done faster and to jot down your creativity into life, you require fast work. Always pay attention to the machines that offer great sewing speed n order to acquire commendable results.
  • Capability to sew various materials: When it is about commercial purpose, you need a sewing machine that can sew almost all types of materials. Whether it is a paper to upholstery, the sewing machine requires having the precision and ability to take the challenge.
  • Additional features: When it comes to additional features, you need to make sure that you check some of the features and functionalities like the accessories, foot pressure adjustments, stitches per hour and last but not the least the warranty period.


Sewing Machine has become a helping hand for people and its commendable features and functionalities have made it the guide for millions. However, it is essential to know the feature prior to investing in order to avoid replacement and other hassles. So choose the best one for your purpose to get the best results.